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Wed, May. 18th, 2005, 06:05 pm

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Taking Blow Job Shots off the railing

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Mellie and Sean at the BBQ

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Meuller,Sunny and Lizze at the BBQ

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Mike by Gay Boyfriend!

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Ash and I at walmart.. dont we look cute! haha

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We dont beileve in alcohol abuse even if that means licking it off the ground.. hahaha

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Me licking whip cream off of mike... i think he is enjoying it way to much

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candi, mike, joan and me.. a little drunk... yep!

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Me and joanie at the BBQ

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Mike and I at the BBQ

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Candi, mike, joanie and me

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Devirginizing Joanie by going to federal hill

Tue, May. 17th, 2005, 11:06 pm
Comming to an end....

Well my third year of college is comming to an end and its amazing. I think this year has been one of the best years of college. From my roomates, the apartment, people i have meet this year, candi's endless visits and turning 21! There are so many things that happened this year that i wouldnt change for anything cause they contributed to who i am right now sitting here typing this.
Now for a re-cap:

First trimester- was very interesting.. didnt really know anyone in the house so b/c of that i missed out on bonding with the boys sooner and just hanging out. Started talking to ash at the end of oct and i also started Party City at the beginning of Oct. This is around the same time when things with pete started to decline. But then thats when things with derek started to pick up and he made me realize a lot. Thanksgiving vaca was fucking awsome. Thats when derek and i hung out and had awsome times... then i said goodbye to pete on nov 28th. Also during Oct i think.... thats when we had the huge kegger and the downstairs got tickets and other shit went down. Still entertaining times. Ohh also met richie during the beginning but yeah he wasnt for me.

Second trimester- Candi visits. this coule of been her second visit but i am not sure. Have first fight with roomies. New years eve, that was one fucked up night. Went to remis and then some how got the owner to let us into to Ultra. Watched casey puke on herself and ash pee on the sidewalk. Then a stupid asshole and his so called fiance come up later on so they could sleep over... yeah that was fucking bullshit and i fucking hate his guts. Man if i ever run into them... Of course drank to much that night and puked all day the next day. Thank god for candi. Met ryan during this tri but he just wasnt for me either... Of course this trimester seems the longest. Started hanging out with the boys more nad got involved with pot. yeah not a good thing. Smoked a few times but ended it casue i dont need that shit. Went out with john (upstairs) to remis and def got to know each other better. At some point i introduced them to candi. Have another few parties, me and ash fight and the boys ended up leaving for co-op. Miss them like whoa. Made friends with lorie and michelle.

Third trimester- one of the fucking best trimesters ever! I turned 21! Messed around with John (MA) sucki sucki.. candi and joan should know what that means. Drank alcohol before 12. took alcohol to class. Bought a grill and grill on the porch not knowing it could burn down the house. Took blow job shots off the railing. Joined CMAA. Met mike.. my gay boyfriend. Got a job at a country club. Made it threw a 1 hr and 1/2 interview. drank obscene amounts of alcohol. Met lesely and just missed a fight with flashlights and everything. Had a BBQ where so many people came and i slept with candi and mike that night. Got used to sleeping with a boy on weekends. Got closer with ash. Mike came to visit and rekindled feelings. Downstairs had a BBQ and there is no such thing as alcohol abouse you will lick it off the ground! haha. Went to the gay bar and a gay dude gave me his phonenumber. Found a place that makes adios motherfuckers. Finally am comfortable around gavin. Got candi to come up even on a school night! Met and hing out with ashes friends rachel, christina, rob, craig, and a few others i cant remember. JImmy eat world and TBS concert will mellie! and Partied our fucking asses off!

i cant beleive its almost over. I know i have been saying omg i cant wait to end classes but it seems so final. Even tho i am staying here for next year, i still had to pack up and come home. I think its good that all of us are going out seperate ways this summer. We get to grow and have new experiences and then come back and tell them to each other. So many people and things have contributed to me and what has happened.

~candi. for always wanting to come up and listen to me for hours on end, willing to come to provi to drink on a school night. Yeah sipping champagne on my apartment porch and watching drug deals go down. Also realizing that 4 letter names are bad news!!!

~Derek. I can just smile and u know what i am thinking. one guy who i have an unexplained connection with on so many levels. You have made me realize so much and half the time if there wasnt you...

~The roomies.. joanie and lizzie- ohh between all the laughs and tears, the stories of dudes and the shady car. umm its been an unbelieveable year and thanks for putting up with me.

~Jennie- one girl whos knows it all and i mean knows it all u know every last detail and still hasnt change our love for our friendship. Thanks for being there even at 4 in the morning.

~Ash- one crazy bitch. Learned a lot about myself and other people and how to have fun.. even when the funds are low. Hope hollywood is fun and miss ya!

~Mike- my gay boyfriend. So glad we clicked and met each other. The past month or so have been awsome and i am gonna miss you like whoa. Plus ur asian soup is fucking amazing. Dont gamble to much and i love you! Ur comming home to CT with me!

I got home in about a day. No exams tomorrow (wed) I have two on thurs and then i come home. I cant wait to see mom. She is who i miss the most. Then i get to unpack my jeep and i go to work the next morning at 8am. Excited nervous just crazy. this is the beginning of my life and i dont want to fuck it up. ohhh also hanging out with a boy i met last summer... this could def turn into better things... dont want to jinks it or look into it right now. One i dont have time but i can have fun. Who knows what this summer has in store for us..??!!

One last note:

HAPPY 21st B-DAY BETHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun, May. 15th, 2005, 01:24 am

went to my first gay bar and it was a fucking blast!! Went with my gay b/f and we met ash adn her friends but other gay peopple thjere. I have 3 drinaks anda double shot. feeling awsome and then this dude wanted my number he was sawosme more about that story when i am more sober. Just wanted to docoument.

Thu, May. 12th, 2005, 11:58 am
with 7 days left...

ohh man with 7 days left the partying has begun.. well last night it started. Ash's friend from PA is here. Totally awsome chic. So nice and down to earth. Started drinking as soon as her flight got in around 7. Gavin came down and we all chilled before going out to the bar. Of course drank and took shots before we left. Got there got some dude to buy us drinks and shots. Me and casey dancing while les and ash were getting shots. Meet gavin there. He bought us shots and i drank some more. By the end of the night les was complely gone. Umm lets see what else happened.... ohh yeah HUGE fight cops everything. Crazy shit. Casey fell casue her shoe got caught in the sidewalk... she wasnt as drunk as mush as les was. It was just a fucking awsome night. We all met back at the apartment and hung out. Took pics and shit and everyone left but me and john and we just chilled at the table downstairs and talked. Good times.

This weekend:

~Today working and mike is in boston
~going out to PROV
~Working on fri going out with mike
~Rachels house parties
~Working sat
~seeing mike?? either fri or sat
~Ash's Beer-B-Q on sat
~brunch on sun
~And it pretty jamed packed!

Sat, May. 7th, 2005, 02:11 pm

updating from mikes room.. let see what have been going on...
~ had a bbq last weekend awsome times
~ one more week of classes and then exams
~ went to longmedow and totally think i could of had a job there if i didn have one already
~ Start work on May 20th at 8 am
~ Come home may 19th after my last exam is at 12 30
~ Wahoo today...JWU form of spring week
~ Mike is comming up wed!!!!!!!!! so excited!!!!!!!!
Ok cant thing of anything else....

Mon, May. 2nd, 2005, 10:07 pm
stolen from vanz duh duh duh....

*Thirteen random things you like*
1. My jeep
2. My sandals
3. My friends
4. My apartment
5. baking
6. my cell phone
8. my bed
9. raspberry vanilla bean frap from starbucks
10. jeans hoodies and sneakers
11. postal service
12. My gay boyfriend
13. alcohol

*Twelve Good Friends* (no particular order)
1. joanie
2. candi
3. mike
4. mike
5. derek
6. lizzie
7. jenny
8. bethy
9. angela
10. megan
11. lezlee
12. raymi

*Eleven Good Artists/Bands*
1. The Killers
2. postal service
3. maroon 5
4. death cab for cutie
5. jimmy eat world
6. Green day
7. jet
8. sarah mclachlan
9. john mayer
10. norah jones
11. mercury program

*Ten Good Movies*
1. Saw
2. the notebook
3. Mean Girls
4. cruel intentions
5. Closer
6. 13 going on 30
7. talented mr. ripely
8. spanglish
9. how to lose a guy in 10 days
10. eternal sunshine

*Eight Favorite Foods*
1. Chicken salad sandwich
2. peanut butter
3. sausage peppers and onions
4. Bacon and cheese baked potato
5. chef salad
6. chicken
7. fruit tart
8. pizza

*Seven Things You Wear Daily*
1. Bra
2. undies
3. sandals
4. sun glasses
5. pants
6. rings
7. necklace

*Six Things That Annoy You*
1. giving papers at the last possible moment
2. customers
3. Red Sox fans who hate the Yankees (it's really immature and trust me i'll live)
4. not being on time
5. wearing your collar up!!
6. seeing chics cracks b/c their pants are sooo fucking low

*Five Things You Touch Daily*
1. cellie
2. My hair
3. A computer
4. My jeep
5. my keys

*Four TV Shows You Watch*
1. nip/tuck
2. life time movies
3. unsolved mysteries
4. oc

*Three Celebrities You Have a Crush on*
(I don't really have a crush, they're just hot in my eyes)
2. Paul walker
3. jude law

*Two Things You Can't Live Without*
1. my computer
2. cellie/jeep

*Name One Thing You Want More Than Anything*
1. to succeed

Sun, Apr. 24th, 2005, 12:56 pm

American Cities That Best Fit You:

65% Denver

60% Atlanta

55% Austin

55% Las Vegas

55% New York City

Fri, Apr. 22nd, 2005, 12:43 am
stolen from tessa

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Thu, Apr. 14th, 2005, 08:44 pm

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ryan and i at cozis.. candis taking the pic


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Ashley and Casey at our 1st BBQ of the year!

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Caseys Suprise 21st!

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Casey adn her Stripper... haha

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Me taking a pic while driving down 95 going to work...

Thu, Apr. 14th, 2005, 04:01 pm
stolen from marci

You scored as Lindsay Lohan. You are most like Lindsay Lohan... (some simliar feautures NOT IDENTICAL)


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