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Wed, May. 25th, 2005, 04:31 pm
home and such

So its been almost a week since i have been home. home is great if i spent more time then just sleeping there.

Tumble Brook is going well. Tons of hrs. At first i thought it was gonna be a lot but now as i am getting used to it i dont mind the whole manageing people thing. Its kinda fun. I met my crew last night and they all seem to be good kids. Most of them are in HS and a handful of them in college. I met the dude cooks today and all of them seem awsome and they all go to college! 1 is a freshmen and going to PC (providence college) so we have something in common. One goes to a school that begins with an H and one is a senior at Uconn. Not Bad. What do we all have in common... drinking! haha. of course. Opening day is this weekend and i finally have a day off on Sunday. then i have to pull a 13-14 hr day on mon but thats ok casue i have time and half on mon! soooo excited.

Umm yeah... lets see what have i done since i been home... I saw bethy adn her b/f. very cute together and he fits in quite well. i hope to hang out with them more. had lunch with jen and saw mark! excited! yep i sure was. Then candi and i finally found some time to hang out with our opposite schedules. Got some ice cream adn had good times talking. Gotta def do more of that!

So what do i miss?? I miss my gay boyfriend like whoa. the weekends just arent the same... haha. I miss carrie. She was in boston this weekend but i couldnt go casue i was working. Me and that girl need to catch up! Talked to ash toay and everything for co-op is good for her so she wont be returning till nov. from hollywood. and of course the craziness that goes on between joanie and i. I hope nantucket gets more exciting!

Well i hope to actually start unpaking today since i dont have to be at work till 11 tomorrow. Ohh and i got my hairs cut today thank god cause my hair was frizzing like whoa! Well i am off!

Thu, May. 26th, 2005 05:39 pm (UTC)

heyyy souds like work is good. i miss u too. nantucket is the same. except omg it didn't rain yet today, it's only cold and cloudy! yay! yup still bored and i got a library card so i could use the comp. there b/c my comp. wasn't picking up any signals yeah it cost $15! yeah wow. ok well i will ttyl have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1